Booknetic Review: WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

February 6, 2023

Booknetic Review: WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

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Booknetic is a plugin you can add to your WordPress site if you require to add an internet booking and scheduling system. So let us read more about Booknetic Review: WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin.

Booknetic Review: WordPress Booking Plugin For Appointment Scheduling

Booknetic Review: WordPress Booking Plugin For Appointment Scheduling

In this review of Booknetic, we’ll talk about what it can do and how it works. Many services can do this, but Booknetic is a cheap option for WordPress users.

It’s a great deal for money and has many useful features discussed in this article. After reading this review, you’ll know if this is the right tool for setting up an online booking and connection system for a WordPress website.

The Booknetic WordPress Plugin

As I said at the start of this Booknetic review, this plugin could help you add an online booking system for appointments to WordPress websites. Because of this, you can start taking online reservations for your services through your WordPress site.

You don’t have to turn on this part of Booknetic, but you can let your customers and clients make their reservations. Instead, you could utilize this plugin as your business’s online booking and scheduling system. You and your team would use this system to enter bookings and appointments that your customers and clients make in person or over the phone.

If you did this, keeping track of your appointments would be easy, and your customers wouldn’t have to book them online. Booknetic also works with tools for processing payments so that you can take payments online for your bookings.

You may also link Booknetic with numerous other tools and services to create the ideal appointment booking & scheduling solution for your business or another project. In this Booknetic review, we’ll see that this booking and scheduling plugin for WordPress is very flexible and can be utilized in many different ways.

The Best Booknetic Features

This portion of our review will look at Booknetic’s best features to help you decide if it’s the right tool for putting your online reservation system online.

 User-Friendly Dashboard

If you require to know if you have the technical skills to set up an online booking system, the answer is probably yes. Booknetic was made so that it is as easy to use as possible. The user interface looks like it was made with a lot of thought. Once you’ve installed and turned on the plugin on your WordPress site, you can start utilizing Booknetic through its dashboard.

The above screenshot shows that the Booknetic plugin doesn’t use the same user interface design as the WordPress dashboard. Instead, you can access a modern dashboard for managing your online appointments, bookings, and schedule. On the dashboard’s home page, it’s easy to see how many appointments you have and other important data.

Once you navigate to the various sections of the dashboard, you may examine appointment details, payment information, and a calendar view, among other things. This plugin is very simple because of how the Booknetic dashboard is made.

Build Your Booking Form

Booknetic provides a lot of control placed above white booking forms so that you can collect the right kind of information when someone makes a reservation. The strong Booknetic form builder makes it more likely that this plugin can be set up to work for your business and its specific needs. It is also easy to use.

Appointment Calendar

Booknetic has a calendar feature that makes it easy to see your or your team’s schedule. You can look at the calendar from the dashboard and quickly see all the scheduled appointments. You can sort through the appointments using the Booknetic calendar’s differing opinions. This can make it easy to find the kind of information you need. This could include seeing all consultations for a certain client or staff member.

Ability to handle a lot of staff members

If you want to make an online booking for your business, you might be glad to know that more than one person can use Booknetic. This makes it easy for your clients or whoever is making the appointments to choose who they want to see. Each staff member can make their schedule for when they can take reservations. You can also put staff members in charge of certain locations so they may only be booked there.

Support for Many Services

Booknetic can easily work with businesses that offer more than one service. Using the dashboard for the plugin, you can make several services that your customers and clients can book. The categorization structure view is very advanced and should handle any configuration your business has. It also makes it easy to plan your services and how they fit into different categories.

Multiple Location Support

Booknetic makes it easy to add more locations to your booking system if your business has more than one place of business. Then, when a client or customer books an appointment online, they can choose where they want it to take place.

Reoccurring Appointments

If your business has appointments that happen over and over again, you can automate the process of scheduling these extra appointments. This would be helpful, for example, for appointments that happen every week or month. Just tell the plugin how frequently the appointment repeats, and it will take care of the rest.

Blackout Choices

You can black out certain dates so that customers and clients don’t try to make appointments for times when you’re not working. You can also block out certain times, holidays, and other situations. This has the potential to make sure that your online reservation system doesn’t get mixed up or get double booked.

SMS and Email Notices

With Booknetic, you can send optional text messages and emails to your clients or customers to remind them of their appointments and schedules. Integration with SMTP or WP mail gateways makes it possible to send emails.

For such optional SMS notifications, Booknetic works with the Twilio service to make this possible. This should help you reduce the number of clients or customers who don’t attend appointments. It can help you and your staff keep track of what’s happening.

Google Calendar Synchronisation

You can easily connect Booknetic with the well-known and free Google Calendar service so that you can keep track of your appointments. Because of this, you can check your timetable outside your WordPress site using a web browser or a smartphone app to look at Google Calendar. This feature is very helpful if you want to ensure you never overlook another appointment again.

Full mobile responsive

All of the plugin’s pages work well on phones. This means that people can make appointments with you no matter their device. This is also true for the dashboard for plugins. Because of this, you can keep track of your schedule and appointments on a smartphone with a smaller screen.

Customizable Design

You can choose from one of seven predefined color styles to ensure that the Booknetic content, like the forms and booking panels, fits in with the rest of your site. You can also start from scratch and make your color scheme. Booknetic lets you modify your online booking system to match the watch and feel of your business.

Booknetic Prices

The Booknetic WordPress plugin can be bought from the online marketplace CodeCanyon. This is the most famous place to purchase a WordPress plugin, so you don’t have to worry about online security when you shop there. When writing this Booknetic review, the plugin can be bought for only $39.

Check the plugin’s page on CodeCanyon for the most up-to-date pricing information. No matter how much you compensate for the plugin, you will always have access to updates as long as Booknetic is still being worked on. You can also get help from the plugin developer for six months after you buy it.

You can, however, pay an extra $12.75 to get support for an extra year. This could be a great investment if you want someone to talk to if you experience any problems in the next year. On CodeCanyon, you can find the most up-to-date pricing information for Booknetic.

Conclusion – Booknetic Review: WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

This Booknetic review shows that this plugin is a powerful way to add online appointment booking to a WordPress site. Whether you’re new to WordPress or an old pro, installing this plugin and setting up your website to handle online bookings and appointment scheduling should be pretty easy.

The price of Booknetic is one of its best features. When you compare Booknetic to other online reservation systems, you’ll see that it gives you a lot for your money. Booknetic is more than capable of helping you manage your schedule online or set up a full-featured online booking system on a WordPress site. So this concludes the topic for Booknetic Review: WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin.